Board 49: Buckaroo w/ Kissing Lessons

April 15, 2016

Confused about how to kiss and don't know who to ask? You've come to the right place.  This week on the podcast we play a game, we talk about the news, but most importantly we go into far unnecessary detail on how to kiss.  No one asked for this. No one wants this -we don't even want this. It just had to happen.  We also played Buckaroo.

topic highlights: Klaire is engaged!,  child murder, making a fantasy murderer, how to kiss, apple doughnuts, spit blowback, shark eyelids, how to break a habit, 500 million dollar fantasy, girls who are bombs.

Board 48: Don’t Drop the Meatballs w/ Mutton Bustin’

March 28, 2016

We're 48 weeks into this podcast and we're still finding new games to play.  This week it was Don't Drop the Meatballs.  Some mixture of jenga, pick up sticks, and kerplunk.  

Topic Highlights: Sarah Palin TV, spooky ghost houses, the dead Paul McCartney conspiracy, being babies, dog tricks, grandpa toupees, terrorism, heart potatoes, kid umpires, grand exits from jobs, befriending cops, AND MUTTON BUSTING.  Here is a link to the video I reference:

Board 47: Mashing Max w/ Daddyis Young

March 21, 2016

We are officially into year two of BOARD podcast and we couldn't be more excited.  We started out the year the way we started last year: with no help. That's not to throw a pity party -that's just to say we lost our studio last minute and ended up recording in Klaire's basement. And because of that our audio quality certainly take a hit.  Please forgive this setback and hopefully we will be back to our normal quality next week.

We also played mashing max this week.  Another Russian roulette game for America's youth.

Topic Highlights: Andrew's High School memories, cake, 30 year old pranksters, naked hellos, Klaire's unnamed creepy neighbor, hobbies, pinball, magic tricks, how to disguise toilet noise, deep fried louisiana, femi-nazis, going to hawaii, boring relationships, and a shrimp farmer named Daddyis Young.

Board 46: Gas Out w/ Hot Fat Genes

March 14, 2016

And after the storm there were clear skies as far as the eye could see.  This is becoming a reoccurring opening line, but hopefully this is the last time: sorry for the silence.  Full disclosure, we have been busy and also unable to find a solution to a recording issue.  Fortunately, we seem to have found a possibly permanent solution, and we are back on BOARD!

This week we conclude year one of BOARD with our second fart-centered game.  This week we played "gas out".

Topic Highlights: 4chan, sleep shooting, crotch signs, hot fat genes, book pick up lines, spade tattoos, where's the beef, farting during Boyhood, the God father pick up line, and the political opinions of our favorite rapping presidential candidate: Barbara Curry!

Murder Trilogy 3: Tranny Pat and Psycho Rena

February 6, 2016

Sorry Serial, this podcast has now become the leading murder mystery podcast and the conclusion is finally here!

Topic highlights: Great mugshots, quarter thieves, pythons in pants, dating embargos,  joke copyright, dating for free rent, Klaire's fluctuating morals, the 3 types of people in the world, tranny Pat and psycho Rena, and then the conclusion to our murder mystery.

Murder Trilogy 2: No Spoilers

February 6, 2016

Sorry for the delayed post - I (Andrew) was in China.  Also apologies for some rough audio on this one.  We should be back to our same Ben Worley pro audio quality next episode!


Murder Trilogy 1: Hypocritters

January 18, 2016

Klaire is going on a cruise, Andrew is going to China, and Joey is going to taco bell.  What does this mean? It's time fore another trilogy of episodes.  With our family out of the country, we had to record a few episodes in one setting.  This was the perfect setting for us to play a highly requested game: CLUE.  Join us in this murder mystery trilogy as we try to solve this age old "who dun it?".  By the end of the 3 episode, you will find out who the murderer is, what they used to kill our host, and what room they killed him in.

Topic highlights: attempted dog napping, how to stalk someone, how to hypocrite someone, animal ethics, hooters haircuts, typical girls, beasts, and an interview with special guest Petey Twain.

Board 41: Tip-It w/ Undercover Tinder

January 8, 2016

The Holiday Trifecta is officially over, but we're still having fun. This week we played a game that came to us as a gift from our first ever guest, Emma Yontz.  We played Star Wars "Tip-It".

Topic Highlights: Cops using tinder, how to catch a phone thief, how to get a nickname, how to get a drinking problem, how to get arrested for trying to get a nickname, overcoming stage fright, talking to guy babes, love spells, hoodoo, voodoo, gay guardian angels, cracker barrel love memories, and the horrible grammar of Missouri.
Game synopsis: Good for any parents wanting to give their kids anxiety attacks. Takes a bit of setup time, but once it gets started you really get to the monotonous part.

Holiday Trifecta 3: Return of the Kwanzaa

January 4, 2016

The holiday trifecta is finally coming to a close, and we are finally celebrating Kwanzaa.  Join us as we listen to Klaire say "Kwanzaa" at the beginning of the episode, and then we ignore it for the rest of the 40 minutes.

We conclude our Star Wars trivia trilogy this week as well as Joey and Andrew face off in the championship round.  Who will prove that they kind of, sort of know Star Wars a little better? Listen and find out.
Topic Highlights: Krampus, Krimpus, Krumpus, when to date people, when to not, how to feel comfortable in social settings, calling your s/o "buddy" or "pal", gross gross burps, using gas to lose weight, and a special appearance by our newest feared friend: Boner-Bot 3000.
the game winner and trivia champion is....