Murder Trilogy 1: Hypocritters

January 18, 2016

Klaire is going on a cruise, Andrew is going to China, and Joey is going to taco bell.  What does this mean? It's time fore another trilogy of episodes.  With our family out of the country, we had to record a few episodes in one setting.  This was the perfect setting for us to play a highly requested game: CLUE.  Join us in this murder mystery trilogy as we try to solve this age old "who dun it?".  By the end of the 3 episode, you will find out who the murderer is, what they used to kill our host, and what room they killed him in.

Topic highlights: attempted dog napping, how to stalk someone, how to hypocrite someone, animal ethics, hooters haircuts, typical girls, beasts, and an interview with special guest Petey Twain.

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