Board 46: Gas Out w/ Hot Fat Genes

March 14, 2016

And after the storm there were clear skies as far as the eye could see.  This is becoming a reoccurring opening line, but hopefully this is the last time: sorry for the silence.  Full disclosure, we have been busy and also unable to find a solution to a recording issue.  Fortunately, we seem to have found a possibly permanent solution, and we are back on BOARD!

This week we conclude year one of BOARD with our second fart-centered game.  This week we played "gas out".

Topic Highlights: 4chan, sleep shooting, crotch signs, hot fat genes, book pick up lines, spade tattoos, where's the beef, farting during Boyhood, the God father pick up line, and the political opinions of our favorite rapping presidential candidate: Barbara Curry!

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