Holiday Trifecta 2: Hanukkah Strikes Back

December 28, 2015

Sad that Christmas has already passed?  Travel back about a week with us to when this episode was going to originally air, and relive the anticipation of the days before Christmas with this Hanukkah episode.

In this week's episode, Joey walks us through the rich history of the holiday by saying it's name a couple times, and Klaire and Andrew go toe to toe in Star Wars Trivia.
Topic Highlights: hobbies, racist jokes, transgender, transexual, transvestites, train conductors, 70 year old men being 29 year old girls, letters to santa, and a lot of frustratingly poor guesses at star wars trivia.
Game winner:  If you're playing by "the rules": Klaire.  If you're a cool dude: Andrew.

Holiday Trifecta 1: a New Christmas Hope

December 21, 2015

We may have missed a couple of weeks, but we are back and we are determined to right our wrongs.  We recorded three episodes in one sitting and we will be releasing them throughout the course of this week.

Also! In honor of "The Force Awakens" coming out, we decided to play Star Wars trivia throughout the episodes.  So strap yourself into a trifighter, grab your light saver, and get ready for a lot of factual inaccuracies about the star wars universe!
Topic Highlights: our Star Wars history, how to handle internet ignorance, D.A.R.E., when to intervene in a friends problems, jokes about teeth, erotic/exotic pets, submissive jews, and the life of Patrick Mahulahan.
The first round of this game goes to our favorite single guy - Joey Davis!

Board 37: Cooties w/ Wilson Conkwright + Jack McSpade

December 1, 2015

This week our dear friend Wilson Conkwright came into the studio and joined us for an old fashioned game of Cooties, and completely disregard what he says at the end: we totally play the game the entire time.

Topic Highlights: Yoga, Ugly men, Zimbabwe, White Elephant, White Elephant Day, the horrors of White Elephant Day, faking muggings, neg-ing, horrible taxi drivers, fatty boombas, words klaire hates, and the critically acclaimed Jack McSpade.
Game Winner: Our lovely guest Wilson Conkwright

Board 36: Family Feud w/ the Saint Johns

November 23, 2015

We had so much fun playing newly weds last week, we decided to keep this 80s talk show theme going and play Family Feud. This week we are joined by one of our favorite local bands "the Saint Johns"(

Because we strayed from our normal formula, our episode synopsis will be kept brief.  Enjoy the episode!

Board 35: Newly Weds w/ Nathan Allen + Corey Bost

November 16, 2015

People said it couldn't be done, they said we were crazy for trying it, but we went for it anyways: this week we had not one guest BUT TWO.  Nathan Allen of Seryn and Corey Bost of Corey James Bost came on the show this week two go head to head with Joey in Klaire in Andrew's take on "Newly Weds". 

This week's episode is different from the rest: no segments, no advice, just a game, so there isn't much to say here other than: Enjoy!  And check out both of their respective music on Spotify or on the web: and

Board 34: Apple Pop w/ Shannon Thompson

November 10, 2015

This week we played Apple Pops w/ Shannon Thompson of "Soles for Souls".

Topic Highlights: Alaska vs. Antarctica, voting, open communication with family, rules of fashion, the beard book, little green men, grinch babies, sexual assault (in its most hilarious form), and Soles for Souls.
Game Winner: Andrew and Klaire both 2 apples in their basket (metaphysically). 

Board 33: ITGPCBTG w/ Landon Austin

November 2, 2015

This week we played a game that has a title that is long as it's rules are simple.  We played "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - the Game".  We were joined by local musician and youtube all-star, Landon Austin.

Topic Highlights: halloween candy, human blood and where to find it, texas chainsaw massacre, tv shows you should watch, sneezing etiquette, dating curses, wickens, "boo"s, being left out of wills, killer furbys, vampire queens, and the life of Landon Austin.
Game Winner: Andrew had the most candy at the end of the day. He didn't get to join Linus in the Pumpkin patch, but at least he could eat away his sorrows.

Board 32: Cupcake Race w/Kimberly Parker

October 26, 2015

This week we sat down with owner and designer of Sisters of Nature ( and played cupcake races.

Topic Highlights: halloween costumes, how to strut, how klaire spends her free time, how many times you can wear jeans, sharing chapstick, walmart live ins, above ground pool jokes, the pumpkin genocide, language barriers in love, the greatest twitter presence, scary stories, and the life of Kimberly Parker.
Winner:We didn't get too far in this one. Joey moved his piece the furthest though, so I guess he wins.

Board 31: Who Tooted?! w/ Obama Burgers

October 19, 2015

Finally we're getting down to the important questions: how do you make an Obama Burger, and who tooted?

This week we entered into uncharted fart joke territory and played the game "who tooted?!"  a game that left us with the power to make a sound effect at any given point in the episode.  Uncle Ben would have been disappointed with how we abused our 'great power' in this episode. Hope you like farts!
Topic Highlights: Who tooted, the Jersey Devil, messy rooms, klaire and joey 4 ever, boys living with girls (ew), what to do with your life, obama burger, the republican race, one upset rant, banana peel toss, scary laughing, and toots.
Game winner: Klaire: the master of all toots.