Holiday Trifecta 1: a New Christmas Hope

December 21, 2015

We may have missed a couple of weeks, but we are back and we are determined to right our wrongs.  We recorded three episodes in one sitting and we will be releasing them throughout the course of this week.

Also! In honor of "The Force Awakens" coming out, we decided to play Star Wars trivia throughout the episodes.  So strap yourself into a trifighter, grab your light saver, and get ready for a lot of factual inaccuracies about the star wars universe!
Topic Highlights: our Star Wars history, how to handle internet ignorance, D.A.R.E., when to intervene in a friends problems, jokes about teeth, erotic/exotic pets, submissive jews, and the life of Patrick Mahulahan.
The first round of this game goes to our favorite single guy - Joey Davis!

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