Holiday Trifecta 2: Hanukkah Strikes Back

December 28, 2015

Sad that Christmas has already passed?  Travel back about a week with us to when this episode was going to originally air, and relive the anticipation of the days before Christmas with this Hanukkah episode.

In this week's episode, Joey walks us through the rich history of the holiday by saying it's name a couple times, and Klaire and Andrew go toe to toe in Star Wars Trivia.
Topic Highlights: hobbies, racist jokes, transgender, transexual, transvestites, train conductors, 70 year old men being 29 year old girls, letters to santa, and a lot of frustratingly poor guesses at star wars trivia.
Game winner:  If you're playing by "the rules": Klaire.  If you're a cool dude: Andrew.

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