Board 41: Tip-It w/ Undercover Tinder

January 8, 2016

The Holiday Trifecta is officially over, but we're still having fun. This week we played a game that came to us as a gift from our first ever guest, Emma Yontz.  We played Star Wars "Tip-It".

Topic Highlights: Cops using tinder, how to catch a phone thief, how to get a nickname, how to get a drinking problem, how to get arrested for trying to get a nickname, overcoming stage fright, talking to guy babes, love spells, hoodoo, voodoo, gay guardian angels, cracker barrel love memories, and the horrible grammar of Missouri.
Game synopsis: Good for any parents wanting to give their kids anxiety attacks. Takes a bit of setup time, but once it gets started you really get to the monotonous part.

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