Board 31: Who Tooted?! w/ Obama Burgers

October 19, 2015

Finally we're getting down to the important questions: how do you make an Obama Burger, and who tooted?

This week we entered into uncharted fart joke territory and played the game "who tooted?!"  a game that left us with the power to make a sound effect at any given point in the episode.  Uncle Ben would have been disappointed with how we abused our 'great power' in this episode. Hope you like farts!
Topic Highlights: Who tooted, the Jersey Devil, messy rooms, klaire and joey 4 ever, boys living with girls (ew), what to do with your life, obama burger, the republican race, one upset rant, banana peel toss, scary laughing, and toots.
Game winner: Klaire: the master of all toots.

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